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How do I sign in and use my FunTicket Duo subscription?

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posted this on May 20, 2013, 22:40

As a FunTicket Duo member you now have access to unlimited downloads of the full versions of all our 2,300+ downloadable games and you also receive 2 free game credits each month which will be automatically added to your account as soon as we’ve received your payment. Use these credits to buy any game you want.

Please note that FunTicket/FunTicket Duo is no longer available to new subscribers, however if you already have one of these subscriptions, it will remain the same.

A standard ($9.99) game is 1 credit, a Platinum ($19.99) game or Double Pack is 2 credits, a Super Pack (or bundle consisting of more than 2 games) is 3 credits. Click here for instructions.  


How to get access to the full version of our games using your FunTicket Duo subscription:

1. Download the game you'd like to play from our website by choosing the "Play Now" or "Unlimited Play -  FunPass" option and wait until it's been installed.



2. In the game window, click on "Play with FunPass" (even though you're a FunTicket subscriber)



3. Fill in the email address and password you use for your GameHouse account and click on “Sign In”. Your game will start automatically. 



NOTE: If you don't see the FunPass option in the game window, then you can select the "Play Trial" option and once you exit the game and then re-open it, you will then see the "Play with FunPass" option in the game window.



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